New season - 2021

Spring @ the surfcastle

Dear friends,

We hope that everybody is doing well & strong! It’s been roughly one year since we last communicated with all our guests so we thought to send you this spring newsletter at the start of this season.

2021 Season

We are aware of the very difficult times our world is living… it has been a very tough year in Europe and we are hoping that the start of spring 2021 brings us all a brand new hope for the upcoming future!

We have been focusing on the good things and staying positive because we need to get on with our lives and also because the overall situation is likely to get much better in the spring and the summer (exactly like last year’s summer). This winter we worked hard to upgrade the Surfcastle because we want to provide extra comfort to all our guests. And right now we are re-decorating some of the incredible rooms of the Surfcastle. We also have been surfing some very amazing waves during the off-season over here in Peniche, with very few crowds because of the strict lock-downs…

If you are fancying a break from your daily routine then you should definitely come to visit the castle during this spring and come to surf some perfect waves with us!

So far we have had a track record of ZERO covid-19 cases in the Surfcastle, and we are always focusing on maintaining a safe & healthy Castle because we want to keep that very same clean sheet during 2021! Living by the beach is a very healthy life-style and that is the main reason why you should come back to surf with us.

At the moment, the Portuguese authorities are just asking for a negative covid-19 PCR test to the travellers that want to visit our country. So this means that you can make that test to enter our country and then you can come surf some perfect waves.

Since travelling has been so difficult in recent times, we want to thank all our guests that were able to come visit the Surfcastle last year! We had fewer guests in 2020, but thankfully, our guests felt so good that they decided to extend their surfing trips to stay a longer time in the Surfcastle. We have been surfing almost every day despite of the pandemic and we want to become even stronger surfers this year!

We also want to send a message of confidence to everyone that had to cancel their 2020 surfing trips. And sincerely, we want to tell you that you can all trust that the Surfcastle is a safe place to be. You can rely on our professionalism and dedication to your well being. Above all, we are looking forward to your visit this year!

Surfcastle centenary approaching

This is definitely going to be a special year in Surfcastle because we are about to reach another incredible milestone.

This month of March, the Surfcastle is turning 99 years old! We know this because we have access to the official documents of this amazing property… there is also a marble tablet on display in the living room of the Surfcastle which indicates that the Surfcastle took exactly one year to build (from March 1921 until March 1922).

We all have to thank the architect José Rodrigues Prieto and his team of builders led by Jaime Santos for creating this amazing masterpiece property named the Surfcastle.

Let’s go surfing

2021 is going to be a year of celebration over here in the Surfcastle! We are also very focused on the preparation for the centenary of the Surfcastle in 2022. Therefore, you cannot miss this golden opportunity to come hang out and surf with us in the most amazing vintage surfing house in the entire Europe. Our Surfcastle daily lifestyle is really one of a kind and we are looking forward to go surfing and celebrate the good vibes again with you soon!

All the best,

Winter Surf

January and February at Surfcastle

This Winter we have been blessed to have ridden very good Waves with awesome mild weather.

Over here in Peniche, the wind has been blowing off-shore and the Winter swells have been delivering very amazing waves in most of the surfing spots during the months of January & February. 

The weather hasn't been very cold which makes the Winter surf sessions become more joyful for the Surfers. 

In this particular photo taken at the end of January, João Gaucho is getting tubed at the reef break right in front of the Surfcastle.

Celebrating 50 years of Surfing in Peniche !

2014 marked the year we reached half a century of Surfing in Surfcastle!

This incredible milestone was celebrated by us during the entire year.

We designed and created a symbolic Surfcastle 50 years logo. Also we produced merchandising (T-shirts & stickers). 

We also organised a symbolic celebration in the Surfcastle during Spring with all the core surfers from the first generation of Surfers in Peniche! 

We had the unique opportunity to share the surfing memories already lived in this house during all these decades by sharing old photos, videos, and the epic stories of the amazing surf sessions.

This was the perfect occasion for us to go surf together with the classic old vintage surfboards. After the surf session, we organized a very cool lunch on the terrace and a little party in our bar, playing all the classic vinyl records… 

...We honestly think that this core group of surfers already did so many good things to start & develop surfing in Portugal. 

The Surfcastle took the responsibility to provide this symbolic tribute to all the surfing pioneers of Peniche.

The Surfcastle Newsletter

Baleal - Peniche - Portugal

Welcome to Surfcastle Newsletter. 

The Surfcastle Newsletter overlooks news about Surfcastle and the surf scene at Baleal and the surf breaks of Lagido, Prainha, and Cantinho da Baia.

Baleal is the center of surfing holidays for the Peniche area and the Sufcastle sits at the heart of it. 

The Surfcastle is a boutique hotel and surf school which stands proud on the cliffs of the Peniche peninsula overlooking one of Europe's most beautiful and consistent surf spots.

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